IPS2 Epigenomic Platform (IPSEP)


In the recent years, the term « epigenetic » is rather used to define all the processes regulating gene expression and genome architecture, in addition to the information carried by the DNA sequence, that can be more transient or facultative in nature. Epigenetics information relies on DNA and protein modifications such as cytosine methylation (5mC, 5hmC) and histone post-translational modifications (e.g. acetylation, methylation). Many studies have highlighted the determining role of epigenetic regulations, not only in adaptation to stress and changing environments but also in the control of development. A better understanding of such processes provides the tools necessary to the development of innovative and efficient approaches to crop improvement. In this context IPSEP offers the solutions to any epigenomic and bioinformatic analysis you are seeking.



The development of technologies aiming at rapidly establishing integrated profiles of both genotype and epigenotype allows to produce and improve the resources necessary to dissect the mechanisms involved in the regulation of phenotype and to specify the contribution of epigenetics in these issues. However, the implementation and mastery of the different techniques dedicated to these analyses is particularly cumbersome and requires not only excellent expertise in biochemistry and genomics but also a certain amount of specific and expensive equipment.


  • Sonicator Covaris S220
  • Bioanalyseur Agilent 2100
  • Pippin HT for size selection
  • NextSeq500 Illumina
  • Cluster for bioinformatic analysis

Services proposés

At present the services offered by IPSEP cover genome-wide analysis of

  • DNA methylation analysis (MeDIP-seq or BS-seq)
  • Histone modifications analysis (ChIP-seq)
  • Transcription factor binding sites analysis (TF-ChIP-seq)
  • Nucleosome positioning analysis (Mnase-seq)
  • Chromatin accessibility analysis (ATAC-seq)
  • Chromatin 3D structure analysis (Hi-C and HiChIP)



Institute of Plant Sciences – Paris-Saclay Building 630
Avenue des Sciences Plateau du Moulon
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette



Université de Paris cité, Université Paris-Saclay, CNRS, INRA

Unité de rattachement

Institut des Sciences des Plantes de Paris Saclay – UMR 9213

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